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CyberGhost Features

Cyberghost Features

NoSpy Severs

CyberGhost offers a unique feature called NoSpy Servers which offer supreme data protection that other VPN services may not have, which you can find out more on their website. In short, because CyberGhost is based in Romania, they are out of the jurisdiction of the 5 Eyes (and even 14 Eyes), this enable them to guarantee a no-logs policy. You can thus enjoy very secure downloads at better speed.

Global Servers

CyberGhost also offers 3000 VPN servers in over 60 most popular countries. This is quite a huge number of servers and locations offered in comparison to their competitors. This means that you can choose from many VPN identity all around the world.

WiFi Protection

Most people are always on the go on their phones and tablets, whether it is surfing the web or watching videos. Connecting to public WiFi can be risky with your data being spied upon or even stolen. CyberGhost can help protect against this through its encryption technology so that you can browse safely and securely

CyberGhost Pricing

Cyberghost Pricing

CyberGhost has 3 plans for their VPN service which are mainly $12.99 per month for 1-month plan, $6.49 per month for 1-year plan and an amazingly affordable $3.50 for 2-year plan. At $3.50 for their cheapest plan, it is a huge 73% off as compared to their 1-month plan. Not only that, they also offer a 45-days refundable policy for this plan which is not offered by their 1-month plan. This is something important to take note of if you are signing up with them.

Our Verdict On CyberGhost

Cyberghost Logo

CyberGhost is one of the cheapest VPN providers around with some unique and strong features. They also offer 24/7 Live Support which can be a strong plus point for new VPN users. You should consider CyberGhost as one of your VPN options while doing your research.

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4,631 reviews on TRUSTPILOT (9.6 / 10)

never had a problem changing my ip adress cyberghost works perfect and you choose from servers all over the world. your privacy is very important and i would like to keep it that way

CyberGhost User (Written March 17, 2019)

Used it for a few weeks.Very pleased, I can do all of my daily business a bit slower using No spy server. At least it is safer. Price is very good would recommend

CyberGhost User (Written March 13, 2019)

CyberGhost works really well, I had a one year subscription before I took up the offer for three years. Can't really fault the service, it just works and that is what I want.

CyberGhost User (Written March 11, 2019)

So far so good! The streaming quality is great - haven't had any issues. I thought there would be more countries with Netflix access (as I already am in the US), but oh well.

CyberGhost User (Written March 9, 2019)

there are around 4 vpn's I think are good.. but your one year deal was a killer so i took the leap... although i have used your app on many occasions..before

CyberGhost User (Written March 6, 2019)

I have used a few different VPN's usually based on price and number of European servers but I always come back to Cyberghost. It just works, end of

CyberGhost User (Written March 9, 2019)

Great product and customer service. I had an issue at the beginning of my service but the representative was very patient at resolving it quickly. Very easy application to use and modify.

CyberGhost User (Written March 7, 2019)

This is by far the easiest fastest and most seamless VPN that I have ever used and at a price that was only a half of the previous lowest. No reservations about recommending it to all.

CyberGhost User (Written February 25, 2019)

Although this is my first time using a VPN provider I got acquainted with the principle of the software fast. It does what it promises and after 1 day of using - I'm satisfied.

CyberGhost User (Written February 20, 2019)

One of the Best VPN out there for the money, fast, of course secure, easy to use , have up to 7 devices, have a competitive price !!! If you are consent for privacy this is it !

CyberGhost User (Written February 18, 2019)

I have been very satisfied with CyberGhost VPN. I travel around the world for work and feel very secure using my computer to access the internet with the VPN.

CyberGhost User (Written February 15, 2019)

Easy to use...easy to pick areas and best VPN connections for what I am doing...MOST IMPORTANTLY easy to sign in and out of (which I have to do to wireless print).

CyberGhost User (Written February 13, 2019)

Best VPN I have ever used. Easy to connect/disconnect and go where you need to go quickly. I fully trust CyberGhost with hiding my information wherever I go on the internet.

CyberGhost User (Written February 10, 2019)

No problems setting up, many servers to choose from. An economical way of protecting my devices. The only slight problem is not being able to fool BBC iplayer!

CyberGhost User (Written February 9, 2019)

Been on this service a long time , in my opinion its the best going . downloads are fast and easy lag , service is second to none, will keep on using this period

CyberGhost User (Written February 8, 2019)

i simply love Cyberghost as it is easy to use and have had a good 2 year reliable connection with this site. Recomend it to everyone who values their privacy

CyberGhost User (Written February 8, 2019)

Great product. i'm in rural South Carolina where everything is remote. The closest server farm to me is Atlanta, I wish there was some servers in Columbia S.C. or Savannah Ga.

CyberGhost User (Written February 3, 2019)

Cyberghost has been simple to use, reliable and provides perfect cover and protection for internet browsing and delivers real protection with downloading content. Simple perfect!

CyberGhost User (Written February 2, 2019)

The best VPN service I've used. always reliable with a ton of servers to choose from and I don't seem to lose any speed when connected. 5 Stars all day every day.

CyberGhost User (Written January 25, 2019)

Easy to set up and use. Got mine on a nice sale. Did exactly what I wanted it to do. And as a bonus already blocking some pop ups and other junk. Glad I chose CyberGhost.

CyberGhost User (Written January 19, 2019)

Since I sign up with CyberGhost7 it has always been good quality service that they provided, the user interface is really good simple to use even for the first time users.

CyberGhost User (Written January 18, 2019)

The new interface is more intuitive and very quick to connect to a server. Choosing a server in a different country is also straight forward. Great work with the latest version!

CyberGhost User (Written January 15, 2019)

If not for Cyber Ghost Huges net blocks a lot of sites I use. That all started when free internet ended.. I don't like my life shared with everyone and you help me do that

CyberGhost User (Written January 9, 2019)

Works like a charm. Let's you choose your location - or just go with the closest one to your real location. I love that flexibility. Have not had any problems so far.

CyberGhost User (Written January 7, 2019)

I dont seem to have any problems since ive been using this on all my devices. one thing it can be slow on my windows 10 laptop, I dpnt like windows 10, y other devices are quick

CyberGhost User (Written January 8, 2019)

Working in the Middle East the entertainment streaming services are very limited so I use CyberGhost to connect with the sites back home in the UK with ease.

CyberGhost User (Written January 7, 2019)

I feel that using CyberGhost VPN is very intuitive and easy. You don't need a degree in anything. It is simple. I had no problems what so ever. Great job!

CyberGhost User (Written January 8, 2019)

Works better than my ExpressVPN service across the board, both laptop and phone. easier to set up, far more interactive options and just better connection.

CyberGhost User (Written January 1, 2019)

This version 7 is the best yet. It connects much quicker and works well across different brands of PC's. You also stay connected with far fewer interruptions. This VPN is legit!

CyberGhost User (Written January 1, 2019)

Is the best vpn when i see in my life,first time i used vpn and now i dont get flood from kids thanks cyberghost love you and give me a licence 1 year please thanks!

CyberGhost User (Written December 30, 2018)

CyberGhost is the bomb, my ISP was snooping and stopping my downloads. With the military encryption you can't go wrong, Thanks a Lot, I love the program!!!

CyberGhost User (Written December 30, 2018)

got to say i fell very safe using this vpn, always able to watch netlix america and catch up on tv so i don't have to download it. highly recommend this for anyone new to vpn's

CyberGhost User (Written December 29, 2018)

Very easy to use. I like that you can pick your own location for IP. I like the automatic connection for protection on your WIFI not just the computer your using.

CyberGhost User (Written December 18, 2018)

The developers work to keep this up to date; customer service is responsive; it's economical. I've been with them for several years, and just signed up for a 3 year renewal.

CyberGhost User (Written December 18, 2018)

I was worried at first on my free trial. It seemed very slow. But once I tried a few different servers, found a good one, it took off and everything was fine.

CyberGhost User (Written December 13, 2018)

Excellent way to move around the internet under protection without worry about whose watching or attaching cookies. I like my privacy to go where I want and not worry.

CyberGhost User (Written December 9, 2018)

I feel so protected now! I was being repeatedly hacked and I feel secure that it won't happen very easily with CyberGhost VPN. Thank you for developing a superior product!

CyberGhost User (Written December 8, 2018)

Excellent product that works well. I am very satisfied that I purchased this VPN. Compared to the others the price was excellent. I would recommend this product, a great value.

CyberGhost User (Written December 10, 2018)

The best VPN in the market. I use it on all my devices, it's fast and reliable. It's the only VPN that actually worked on Netflix and Hulu and other location based services.

CyberGhost User (Written December 9, 2018)

Great product, got plenty of options, Countries also can make favorites and the d/load, u/load stays at a very good peak. certainly would tell my friends and family to use it.

CyberGhost User (Written December 2, 2018)

easy to use. Easy to hide your IP and easy way to watch US Netflix and other similar programs. They could increase the number of slots for US Netflix.

CyberGhost User (Written December 2, 2018)

Great Great and amazing! I love this app :D is very convenient and helpful! It saved me from a lots of troubles :D and they offer a great deal too !!

CyberGhost User (Written December 2, 2018)

Great product, great service. I always get a quick response anytime I have a issue or question, which is not very often. This product is well worth the money.

CyberGhost User (Written November 29, 2018)

CyberGhost has given me a new level of assured security against hacking and spoofing, It is easy to activate and use and customer service is very responsive.

CyberGhost User (Written November 27, 2018)

Fast speeds, reliable connection, well designed GUI and a cute mascot to boot! I have tried several other VPN services and CyberGhost is my VPN of choice.

CyberGhost User (Written November 25, 2018)

Most excellent. And can be used on multiple computers/devices. A must have for these days of facebooks and twitters, and sold out news media sites.

CyberGhost User (Written November 20, 2018)

Nice server list. Smooth sailing with CyberGost VPN. It just works!!! On Windows or Android or iOs always works, and fast. We just renewed for another 3 years.

CyberGhost User (Written November 13, 2018)

This VPN is worth the price. You can unlock streaming content available in any country. You can browse in private if needed. All around, best bank for your buck.

CyberGhost User (Written November 11, 2018)

The service lets you enjoy the whole world. I get to see other serch results not just customised for me (securty and privacy). As well as able to use types other srevices.

CyberGhost User (Written November 11, 2018)

Allways reliable! Really good VPN, it covers all my needs, and makes me less nervous about using the internet, in these Trolling times! 5 thumbs up!

CyberGhost User (Written November 18, 2018)

EXCELLENT VPN I've been using CyberGhost for years now. Great server distribution, excellent price and speed connection. Plus it's easy to use. I never had any problem with it !

CyberGhost User (Written November 12, 2018)

Great service! The only complaint is for the first 10 seconds or so after it says that I am connected to the internet won't load. 10 seconds is a fair price for a great service.

CyberGhost User (Written November 10, 2018)

Always a pleasure to use Cyberghost VPN because of its ease of use. Haven't had any issues and any queries are always handled by competent friendly staff. Big thumbs up !

CyberGhost User (Written November 2, 2018)

once you figure it out it works. just wish didnt have to surf from korea n denmark. im very happy to finally have a vpn that does what they say they can do.

CyberGhost User (Written November 1, 2018)

Does the job I wanted it to. Windows app not as easy as Trustzone. But overall, I think CyberGhost is a much better VPN. Haven't had a drop out yet. So. Everything is good.

CyberGhost User (Written October 31, 2018)

FAST connection simple easy interface and BAGS of features. Easy to configure ans one click does it all for connections. Could not ask for a better service 11 out of 10

CyberGhost User (Written October 29, 2018)

I have used CyberGhost as free user for more then a year. Now I'm using the full version and for now everything run smoothly like having a great gearbox in good sports car.

CyberGhost User (Written October 26, 2018)

1 review on PCMAG (8.0 / 10)

CyberGhost offers an excellent VPN product with strong, unique features not found elsewhere, along with a generous number of simultaneous connections. It's expensive, however.

Max Eddy (Written February 28, 2019)

1 review on ShivarWeb (8.0 / 10)

CyberGhost is a Romanian-based VPN provider founded in 2011. They are one of the most rapidly growing VPNs in the industry with a strong focus on server selection, value pricing, and usability....

Nate Shivar (Written August 26, 2019)

1 review on vpnMentor (10.0 / 10)

CyberGhost calls itself a "truly complete VPN solution". I put the service to the test and examined CyberGhost and the rumors surrounding it. I'm based in Australia, so my local internet is...

Kate Veale (Written September 16, 2019)

1 review on Cloudwards (9.0 / 10)

Though it flew under our radar for a while, CyberGhost quickly became a favorite here at, earning a spot in our best VPN guide. A short time after our initial review, it released...

Jacob Roach (Written January 28, 2019)

1 review on Trusted Reviews (8.0 / 10)

CyberGhost review, price and features: easy to use, good for streaming TV, but conspicuously expensive for a one-year or one-month subscription online,.

K.G. Orphanides (Written August 27, 2019)

1 review on PCWorld (8.0 / 10)

CyberGhost in brief: P2P allowed: Yes Business location: Romania Number of servers: 852 Number of country locations: 27 Cost: $59.88 annually Blazing-fast speeds are something that all VPNs...

Ian Paul (Written July 19, 2017)

1 review on vpnMentor (10.0 / 10)

CyberGhost noemt zichzelf een " echt compleet VPN". Ik heb de dienst op de proef gesteld, en CyberGhost en de geruchten daaromheen onderzocht. Ik woon in Australi, dus mijn lokale internet...

Daniel Krohn (Written September 11, 2019)

1 review on Macworld (7.0 / 10)

First, let's address the spooky stuff that pertains to paranoid types, journalists, and political activists. CyberGhost's offices are located in Bucharest, Romania, a country not known...

Seamus Bellamy (Written March 08, 2018)

1 review on The VPN Lab (10.0 / 10)

CyberGhost is a Romanian VPN service founded back in 2011 and acquired by Kape Technologies (previously Crossrider) in 2017, the company that also purchased Zenmate. At the 2019

The VPN Lab (Written September 04, 2019)

1 review on (8.0 / 10)

Macedonia, Estonia, India, Taiwan, Serbia, Brazil, Slovenia, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Belgium, Singapore, Austria, Thailand, Israel ,... user (Written September 15, 2019)

1 review on VPN Comparison (9.0 / 10)

Nov 10, 2012 ... In this review, we will have a closer look at various elements related to ... In addition to these, CyberGhost VPN also allows you to make use of a...

VPN Comparison Staff (Written November 10, 2012)

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