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1 review on The VPN Lab (8.0 / 10)

There is not much information online about LimeVPN so it's unclear exactly when the company started, but it seems to be relatively young. However, what matters is that it's a reliable,...

The VPN Lab (Written September 11, 2019)

1 review on vpnMentor (8.0 / 10)

LimeVPN recently blocked many IP addresses to prevent abuse. For this reason, the website seems to be down for a lot of computers. If you cannot access LimeVPN's site, we recommend looking...

Guy Fawkes (Written September 16, 2019)

1 review on VPN Comparison (7.0 / 10)

Mar 19, 2016 ... In order to get a more complete view of the quality and reliability of this provider, below we have written an in-depth Lime VPN review.

VPN Comparison Staff (Written March 19, 2016)

1 review on HostingPill - Honest Web Hosting Reviews (2019) (8.0 / 10)

For this LimeVPN review, I have used LimeVPN and then written review based on my experience with Pros(+) and Cons(-). Read on!

Chris Wagner (Written June 06, 2018)

1 review on vpnAlert (7.4 / 10)

I took a look at LimeVPN to find out if this service provider is legit and safe. Read my review and make a better decision!

vpnAlert user (Written September 02, 2019)

9 reviews on G2 (9.6 / 10)

Filter reviews by the users' company size, role or industry to find out how LimeVPN works for a business like yours.

Anais B. (Written March 11, 2019)

1 review on (7.0 / 10)

In the following VPN review we will try to determine whether LimeVPN is one of the reliable providers in the market today or is it VPN provider to stray away from ... user (Written September 16, 2019)

1 review on (6.0 / 10)

Learn more about the VPN services of LimeVPN by reading our comprehensive review, which covers privacy, features, speed and much more.

Our experts (Written September 16, 2019)

1 review on BESTVPNRATING (8.0 / 10)

Last updated: January 9, 2019 LimeVPN Review Tariffs and prices of LimeVPN Info on servers in different countries Functions of LimeVPN Security and privacy Support service Client Account procedures...

David Balaban (Written January 09, 2019)

1 review on VPNpro (7.0 / 10)

The first thing you encounter on LimeVPN's website is the headline, 'Cheap VPN Service Provider.' For some people, that's understandably exciting; for others, not so much. As such,...

VPNpro (Written August 08, 2019)

1 review on vpnMentor (8.0 / 10)

De beoordeling van dit onderdeel van VPNs is nog niet beschikbaar voor deze VPN aanbieder. Als u vind dat ze een goede optie hebben, vul uw beoordeling dan in als een gebruiker, dan zullen...

Guy Fawkes (Written October 03, 2018)

1 review on vpnMentor (8.0 / 10)

La resea para esta subcategora de VPN no est disponible an para este proveedor de VPN. Si crees que brinda una buena solucin, por favor enva tu opinin como usuario, y nosotros...

Guy Fawkes (Written October 03, 2018)

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How To Choose A Good VPN Provider

When it come to choosing a VPN provider, they may be many factors that you wish to consider. Below here, we have suggested some factors to consider when choosing your VPN provider.

Data Privacy

It is important that your VPN provider has good data privacy. A good VPN provider should log as little data as needed to ensure your personal data is safe. Do check the provider's logging policy and other privacy features they may offer to learn more about how your data is protected.

Security Features

Security features should include strong encryption and protection against malware that ensure every time you browse, you are protected and safe.

Customer Service

Check that your VPN provider has excellent customer service such as live chat or email support so that you can reach out to them if you have any issues.

Speed And Availability

Generally, you should look for VPN providers with more servers in more locations and high-speed connection to ensure that your streaming and browsing is smooth with minimal lag.


Always look for the most affordable VPN service if possible but do note that the cheapest one may not always be the best. You should look for a value-for-money VPN service that should offer a money-back guarantee whenever possible.