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1 review on The VPN Lab (9.0 / 10)

Overplay has earned its place among the top 10 VPN providers on the market for a variety of reasons. It has a large server base all over the world, which guarantees great speeds and reliability,...

The VPN Lab (Written September 11, 2019)

1 review on vpnMentor (8.0 / 10)

Reliable proxies will provide you with optimum security and anonymity with a fast, reliable internet connection. OverPlay VPN, in this regard, has more than 100 server locations with over 12,000...

Ariel Hochstadt (Written September 16, 2019)

1 review on Cloudwards (7.0 / 10)

Many people are on the search for an easy to use virtual private network that is ready to go out of the box. In many ways, OverPlay comes close to providing a user experience like that. It...

Brian Murray (Written February 12, 2019)

1 review on VPN Fan (9.0 / 10)

Let us start our OverPlay review by noting that it is a multi-faceted provider. They offer not only a VPN but also a Smart DNS service. For those who just want to access content that might...

VPN Fan user (Written November 08, 2018)

1 review on The Honest Reviews (9.0 / 10)

OverPlay is a High Speed VPN and SmartDNS service. OverPlay VPN + SmartDNS offers two type of services: VPN & SmartDNS.SmartDNS will allow you to connect your devices to content that is normally restricted towards certain markets/countries with no loss...

Tony Tran (Written June 09, 2015)

1 review on Comparitech (6.0 / 10)

Overplay is a UK-based VPN/DNS provider that is still relatively new on the scene with a growing network of servers and it covers most bases when it comes to security protocols, offering PPTP,...

Comparitech (Written October 23, 2015)

1 review on (9.0 / 10)

COMPUTERS: Windows setup: articles/1878081-setup-overplay-smart-dns-windows-computers MAC OSX setup :... user (Written September 15, 2019)

1 review on (5.0 / 10)

OverPlay is one of the fastest growing VPN companies in the industry today. They provide VPN service to 42 countries with 62 servers. OverPlay offer clients ...

ConsumersAdvocate (Written September 16, 2019)

1 review on (7.0 / 10)

Nov 24, 2015 ... This VPN service provider review highlights the services, pricing and features provided by OverPlay.

Our experts (Written September 09, 2019)

1 review on Online Security News, Reviews, How To and Hacks (8.0 / 10)

Overplay Smart DNS is under SG's review and all the details are displayed, so that you can find out a lot of details about this service.

Ali Qamar (Written November 26, 2014)

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How To Choose A Good VPN Provider

When it come to choosing a VPN provider, they may be many factors that you wish to consider. Below here, we have suggested some factors to consider when choosing your VPN provider.

Data Privacy

It is important that your VPN provider has good data privacy. A good VPN provider should log as little data as needed to ensure your personal data is safe. Do check the provider's logging policy and other privacy features they may offer to learn more about how your data is protected.

Security Features

Security features should include strong encryption and protection against malware that ensure every time you browse, you are protected and safe.

Customer Service

Check that your VPN provider has excellent customer service such as live chat or email support so that you can reach out to them if you have any issues.

Speed And Availability

Generally, you should look for VPN providers with more servers in more locations and high-speed connection to ensure that your streaming and browsing is smooth with minimal lag.


Always look for the most affordable VPN service if possible but do note that the cheapest one may not always be the best. You should look for a value-for-money VPN service that should offer a money-back guarantee whenever possible.