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1 review on vpnMentor (8.0 / 10)

Surf anonymously and safely with our encrypted VPN service -- VPNTunnel servers protect your sensitive data with powerful encryption. Located in Seychelles and established in 2009 they have...

Guy Fawkes (Written May 20, 2019)

1 review on VPN Comparison (0.2 / 10)

WARNING: VPNTunnel seems to have changed its owner -- or at least its jurisdiction. Since then more and more users complain about having paid for a...

VPN Comparison Staff (Written November 10, 2012)

1 review on (9.3 / 10)

Pros. VPNTunnel does not keep logs, gives youj strong connection and great speed when you are connected and price is very objective. They have great... user (Written May 20, 2019)

1 review on vpnMentor (8.0 / 10)

Surfa anonymt och skert med vr krypterade VPN-tjnst - VPNTunnels servrar skyddar knsliga data med stark kryptering. Fretaget grundades 2009, r baserat i Sverige och har 80 servrar...

Guy Fawkes (Written October 20, 2018)

1 review on VPNpro (5.0 / 10)

Consumers like to know their money is being spent wisely -- and virtual private networks (VPN) are no different.Unfortunately for those considering VPNTunnel among their option, it's more...

VPNpro (Written May 07, 2019)

1 review on vpnMentor (8.0 / 10)

VPN VPN . ...

(Written October 20, 2018)

1 review on vpnMentor (8.0 / 10)

Surfen Sie anonym und sicher mit unserem verschlsselten VPN-Dienst - die Server von VPNTunnel schtzen Ihre sensiblen Daten mit einer leistungsstarken Verschlsselung. Das Unternehmen wurde...

Guy Fawkes (Written October 20, 2018)

1 review on vpnMentor (8.0 / 10)

La rvision de cette sous-catgorie de VPN n'est pas encore disponible pour ce fournisseur de VPN. Si vous pensez qu'ils fournissent une bonne solution, n'hsitez pas donner votre avis...

Guy Fawkes (Written October 20, 2018)

914 reviews on (8.5 / 10)

With our free mobile secure VPN application VPNTunnel, you will be able to change IP address and unblock any content on the Internet, which is unavailable for... user (Written May 20, 2019)

1 review on Cryptwerk (4.8 / 10)

Our VPN Services Anonymous internet Surf anonymously and safely with our encrypted VPN service. When you connect to our servers, all your traffic is protected by our powerful encryption. Furthermore, we swap your IP address with a new, anonymous IP address that belongs to VPNtunnel. No...

Cryptwerk user (Written May 19, 2019)

1 review on vpnMentor (8.0 / 10)

De beoordeling van dit onderdeel van VPNs is nog niet beschikbaar voor deze VPN aanbieder. Als u vind dat ze een goede optie hebben, vul uw beoordeling dan in als een gebruiker, dan zullen...

Guy Fawkes (Written October 20, 2018)

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How To Choose A Good VPN Provider

When it come to choosing a VPN provider, they may be many factors that you wish to consider. Below here, we have suggested some factors to consider when choosing your VPN provider.

Data Privacy

It is important that your VPN provider has good data privacy. A good VPN provider should log as little data as needed to ensure your personal data is safe. Do check the provider's logging policy and other privacy features they may offer to learn more about how your data is protected.

Security Features

Security features should include strong encryption and protection against malware that ensure every time you browse, you are protected and safe.

Customer Service

Check that your VPN provider has excellent customer service such as live chat or email support so that you can reach out to them if you have any issues.

Speed And Availability

Generally, you should look for VPN providers with more servers in more locations and high-speed connection to ensure that your streaming and browsing is smooth with minimal lag.


Always look for the most affordable VPN service if possible but do note that the cheapest one may not always be the best. You should look for a value-for-money VPN service that should offer a money-back guarantee whenever possible.